Sunday, July 22, 2007

An Improbable Escenary: CSO Hinky

A couple of weeks ago I was called to Mahogany Row to interview for the Chief Security Officer position.

It was all I could do to keep a straight face. In the end, I told them flat out I wasn't their boy, but I wished them good luck and total support for the CSO when they finally got one.

After all, the position's been open for over three years now. The last CSO went mad. Totally fucking mad. Both he and the CIO were tossed out on their asses. The CIO wasn't crazy. His problem stemmed from not being able to keep it in his pants.

Ah, those were the days.

I value what little sanity I have left. This organization is rough on lowly managers, let alone CxO types. Management seems to have greater longevity, at least in my experience. And they are only slightly less mad.

The less said about it, the better, but the new CSO is scheduled to show up before September. It should be fun and I'll tell you all about it, since we don't have a Blog Policy... yet.

It seems I picked a bad time to try to generate "Free iPhone" Google News Alert hits. Stephen Colbert picked the same time to whine about not getting a free iPhone, so he took all the hits. Then he actually got one and got more hits. Maybe if I mention them both in the same sentence I can get a hit.


In the meantime, Ive got another Google News Alert on the word "escenary". I keep getting the same hit over and over every week. Don't bother looking it up. It's not a real word. It appears to be a word used only by people for whom English is a second language. Check it out. In context it means either "scenery" or "scenario". Here's a useage example for the Google bots...

"In a humorous escenary witnessed by millions of TV viewers, Stephen Colbert conned Apple out of a free iPhone."

Two birds, one stone.

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