Tuesday, December 22, 2009

70+ Hours On 2.6.32

I am declaring myself the victor in this epic battle against kernel 2.6.32!

Disabling DMA on all IDE interfaces did the trick. If BOT House was a file server I'd probably be pissed at the resulting loss in performance, but it's not, so I'm a happy camper. And if there has been a drop in performance I haven't noticed it (nor do I have a baseline to compare any tests against - tests which I haven't performed anyway).

UT Files seems to work OK. There is one music file in Classic ]I[ on one map (formerly) in BITCH House (DM-Clementine) that had issues with the remote versions, but it is a very fast redirector.

Stunningly fast.

In fact, it's almost too good to be true. I don't see it lasting for a long time, although the guy has over 1000 UT servers as clients. But, he depends (???) on donations, so how long can that last? The cheapest plan at his hosting provider is $75/mo ($900/year).

Maybe he makes the Big Bucks with ads (I wouldn't know, I haven't seen an Internet ad in years). Regardless, I have no Plan B if this guy goes down, which bugs the HELL out of me.

With that in mind I'm going to take another look at trashing the connections of players who download directly from my servers. I didn't find anything the first time around, but I have devised a better approach this time, using one of the many VMs I have with UT99 support built-in (or perhaps the old EXP III server itself - it hasn't been powered up in months and the last time it was powered up it was having "issues"). So that's back in the Master Plan.

I still plan to consolidate the GoDaddy servers onto their buggy Linux platform. That issue is really weird. Sometimes it redirects, other times it doesn't. To make matters worse, the log files available to me don't seem to bother to report a 302 redirect when it happens. This must be some kind of weird load-balancing hardware that they haven't ported to their "beefy" Windows servers yet (hence the "not a good long-term solution" comment by "Just Jonathan" of GoDaddy fame). Internally, something appears to be juggling IP addresses around. Although the IP of the server externally is, the logs show that the last octet is changing frequently. BUT the different address is not in the redirect responses. WTF is up with that?

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