Monday, July 05, 2010


There's a new bot in the house!

Magnificent Bastard has been laid to rest (I never did like him much) and MASTER_B8 has taken his place.

MASTER_B8, if you're slow or a complete n00b at BOT House, is a play on MASTER_T6, a long-timey BOT House playah. T6, the original (I'm not sure the current T6 is him, you guys are always stealing each others' monikers), showed up back in 2003 when the original BH went online (completely by mistake of course... it was originally put up for my kid, Inky, and his pals... but other people showed up and the rest is history).

T6 was also Thummy's first cyber love. At least, her first on BH. The old logs are long lost but, my, how they carried on!

If Mrs. T6 only knew!

He disappeared for a long time and then after Thummy disappeared, he showed back up! She had, of course, broken his heart and he couldn't stand to see her getting all slutty with new players.

And she went on to break many more hearts.

It's only fitting he be honored with his own bot.

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