Thursday, November 25, 2010

NoScript + gmail = NoLove

Hard to pin down, but some combination of Firefox, NoScript, and a dozen or so other FF plug-ins trashed gmail for me for a couple of weeks. Chat stopped working completely and I lost the ability to create filters.

Following as many security lists as I do, I need to create filters just to keep may gmailbox in order. You can just tell when a Full Disclosure thread is going to go Full Troll (like this one) and I really don't need that bullshit. After deleting plug-ins, and even removing NoScript, those particular features were still broken, so I moved all my gmailing over to Chrome.

Then, after a few days, there was a NoScript update and everything was fine again.

I can't really blame it all on NoScript because I have other FF browsers with NoScript and the problem never affected them. Just one browser on one machine.

And during this same time period Google had one of its worst vulnerabilities that hit all their apps.

Just makes you want to say what-the-fucking-fuck.

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