Saturday, October 13, 2007

Linux Kernel 2.6.23

Dinkster has upgraded the BOT House Operating System. W00T!

This is a W00T-worthy upgrade because it has been the fastest, least painful upgrade EVAH. And the Dink has been building kernels since 1994, back when it took no less than 18 hours to compile the 1.3.x kernel on my old 386DX/16 with 6 megs (SIX!) of RAM.

Kernel 2.6.23 came out on 10/09/07. I had a working package, complete with the latest netfilter patches, on a Debian 4.0r0 Virtual Machine by 10/10/07 and I installed that package today, on the Ides of October (the Ides fall on the 13th in October).

Beware the Ides of October? I hope not.

1 comment:

  1. Silly me. After I posted this I discovered kernel came out on the 12th! Not a big deal, since the only major change was in the SATA code and BH doesn't do SATA. Not gonna worry about it.