Monday, February 09, 2009


Some people!

If you've been following along you'll recall that I was having a LOT of problems playing UT last year. They didn't go away until I bought a new vidcard last month. Since then playing has been a lot more fun.

I have a good time. I always use an alias (in fact playing with just about any variation on "hinkydink" will get you on the Shit List) and I always use a PktLag delay, since an ultra fast ping time is a dead giveaway that somebody's playing locally against the server.

I roll like that. I'm a sneaky-ass bastard.

So I'm playing yesterday and this idiot calling himself "MISERABLE_S.O.B." (who may possibly be this guy) shows up and starts blowing people away.

He didn't seem to be a cheater. The scores were close and he got whacked once or twice. I let it slide and left. I'm not a big fan of getting beat up all the time.

I came back HOURS later and there he was, still tearing the place up. Except now he had turned into a loud mouth asshole. Here are some quotes:
time for daddy to bend you over
bend the fuck over for daddy!
bend over bitchez, daddy wants some
nice black salty cum for ya
suck my cock loudmouth faggot

Lovely. I knew I'd seen that dialog before. And the IP address was out of New York City. A lot of abuse comes out of that town.

I bailed from the game and added him to the Shit List (for those of you who don't know, this takes your IP address and drops 85% of the packets coming from your system, making it nearly impossible to play the game - sort of a "super lag" - with the idea that you'll get frustrated and go bother people on some other "lame ass server").

I went back to the game and still got my ass pounded, but it was better without all that trash talk.

But he came back! About 20 minutes later he came back on a new IP, but he kept the MISERABLE_S.O.B. moniker, which is what gets you on the Shit List in the first place!

What a genius. He tried to play for about 20 minutes and then he left, blaming it all on StinkFly:
stinkfly comes and brings the ddos attack with him


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