Sunday, February 15, 2009

REALLY Bad Timing

Fucking Debian.

Last week, there was no official release date for Debian 5.0 ("Lenny"). I checked. I downloaded 4.0r6 for this project, and I've been banging on it for the last two and a half days.

Now, I find out Lenny was released yesterday, while I was chasing the latest kernel revision.

Happy Fucking Valentine's Day.

I'm going to take the same approach. I'm building it this minute as a VM to see if it has everything I need (mostly a functional VNC4 - that was broken for over a year on 4.0r>0). If it works out, 4.0r6 is history.

Back to square numero uno.

The VM build is going slow, probably because Debian's servers are getting hammered. That is likely the reason there was no announced official release date. Why set yourself up for a DDoS?

So right now the project's on hold.

As a side project I took the BOT House server up to the latest kernel. I'd been moving files between the two AMD64 boxes and noticed a tremendous performance hit when I moved the same files to BOT House. Huge. The AMDs were moving the files five times faster, hitting at 90% of my 100 megabit network. I shut off the Bitch House and Classic3 servers for about two hours while the kernel package compiled and did a quick reboot when no one was playing.

And that in itself was another episode of bad timing.

Linux decided it was time to check the disks (which is why I try to avoid EXT3 at all costs these days - I'm favoring JFS on all new installs), so that alone killed the "quick reboot" theory. Then, when it finally came back up, I got a new IP address.

I may just give it a rest for a week.

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