Thursday, July 14, 2011

BOT House Meltdown 07/14/2011

I've been waiting for this day.  It's been a bad year for hardware.  Boxes have been dropping like flies.  The 'House itself is over six years old, and it's the oldest running box on DinkNet at this point (the oldest runnable box was shut down on Windependence Day).

I've always had a Bad Feeling about this box.  It has a non-standard power supply with a teensy-weensy fan in it.  Not an easy thing to swap out on a moment's notice.  The CPU has a funky cooling system.  The possibility of a meltdown has always been there.

And tonight it happened.

What the heck, six years is a good run around here.

Apologies to everyone who was playing around 10PM EDT.  It's up and running with the case open now, but I may be doing some maintenance this weekend, which will take everything, including the Proxy List, down.

So go outside and play.

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