Sunday, June 29, 2008

Power Outage 6/28/2008

It rained yesterday. Thunder, lightning, then gentle summer showers on and off until the sun came out.

And then some nutjob took out a telephone pole (what an archaic sounding phrase - I suppose they're "power poles" these days). It was brutal. The power bounced hard about four times and then everything that wasn't on a UPS went dark.

The juice was out for two hours. It drained all three UPS's. When it started flowing again my DHCP lease had expired and BOT House & company got a new IP address:

Write that down (and remember, port 32777 for BH and port 38777 for EX///).

An IP change is ALWAYS a major pain in the ass. I don't use Dynamic DNS so I have to log on to GoDaddy's DNS servers and change... everything. And for as much as I've been ragging on them for the past few weeks, I have to say their DNS runs better than it ever used to be. The changes were damn near instantaneous and all my... ahem... covert connections at work found their way back home within a few minutes.

Stunning work, GD.

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  1. ZSnDYcate10:54 PM

    Late Entry:

    All good, usually doesn't take the server regulars long to figure out you've changed ip addy's. Thnx for making it public though... Take Care.