Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Horseshit June 2010

Greetz Dadz & Gradz!

Last night we had a two hour cable TV & RoadRunner outage, oddly not combined with a power outage. I entertained myself watching my MythTV box on the local HD airwaves. There was absolutely nothing on, but I ended up watching Knight Rider and The A Team on the local "Retro TV" station. These are two shows I never watched back when they were on the air (what... 30 years ago?), so it was all fresh to me.

And I realized why I didn't watch a lot of TV back then. It was all crap. Well, that and my TV was usually hooked up to the old Commodore 64 (or the VIC 20) most of the time.

But I must admit those 80s chicks were HAWT as FUCK. Where are they now?

The Websense Hack turned out to be ISA specific, so if it didn't work for you, you're probably not behind an ISA server. Unlike the last time, this was not fixed by a Websense database update, which means your local Network Nazi actually has to do something to fix it. Chances are he won't. And it appears to me that the fix is "iffy" at best. We'll see. More on that soon enough.

The Murder/Suicide Blog has a new look. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out. I have also mapped out every murder/suicide in 2009 and 2010 with Google Maps, which was one helluva piece of work. Unfortunately, Google limits you to 200 map markers per page, so 2009 takes no less than four pages to display the whole year. Luckily, Google Earth lets you see the whole shebang all at once.

I may redesign the UT99 Blog, but I'm still quite fond of its simplicity.

Back at the Salt Mine, rumors of a new re-org are flying. It turns out my boss, the CSO, is not a very popular guy up and down the food chain. Meh... it goes with the territory. Some suggest he's going to get booted in the coming weeks and the security team will be split up and cast asunder. Oh well, bosses come and go. I've never seen one last more than three years.

Right now I'm taking a few days off from all that madness anyway. Yesterday's Big Event consisted of getting a cyst cut off from my eyelid. It wasn't very large (I'd say 3mm tops), but it was about twice the size it was when I first noticed it. In & out the door in thirty minutes.

Tuesday, it's back to the Old Grind.