Sunday, December 10, 2006


The BOT House World Domination Map now updates automatically every 30(ish) seconds. I don't claim to be an expert on the Google Maps API, but I managed to hack it together from sample code and it seems to work. You will get better results with FireFox (or any Mozilla browser). Internet Explorer works, but you will need to fiddle with IE's default settings to get it to refresh properly. And if you're behind a proxy, all bets are off.

You may experience a memory leak or two. If you know how to fix that (something to do with JavaScript closures), contact me. Just do a "View Source" on the page. The code is there for all to behold.

If you're curious, the latitude & longitude coordinates for the map come from GeoIPCityLite, courtesy of MaxMind.

Robo-Hinky has been upgraded to version 2.01 and now will now converse with spectators.

Clan Ban is working out nicely and a few minor bugs have been fixed. Clan bois are dropping like flies and the user base is starting to even out. It has entirely exceeded my expectations. This doesn't mean the aimbotting problem is over, but if you don't want to turn these people in, you can live with the botters left over from the Clan Ban.

If you ever wondered about Thumbalina, check this out.

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