Monday, February 18, 2008

UT99 @ 785kBps

Today I upgraded my cable service to "RoadRunner Turbo." Now the top upload speed is 785 kilobits per second, so the UT99 playahs will definitely see a performance boost on the servers, especially when they get crowded.

Or maybe not. You never know about these things.

Being a Hotshot Internet Security Dude, the Dinkster uses the Internets 24x7. I have a number of covert channels running from my Place of Employment back to DinkNet which I use constantly during the week (mostly Terminal Services but I have been known to drag large files back and forth over OpenVPN and SSH). This has been the source of some lag in the past, but now it shouldn't be a factor.


The download speed is 15mBps, which is nice, but it doesn't have much affect on the UT99 playing experience. The upload speed has always been the bottleneck.

Anyway, rock on and Happy Presidents Day!

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