Friday, April 11, 2008

4/11 Power Outage

This morning at about 1:00AM we had our first extended power outage since October '07.

It was also the first power outage since the BOT House server was rebuilt in January. Everything shut down gracefully, which was also a first. I'm finally starting to get this stuff right. The server got about a half hour of standby power before it shut itself down. Whatever residual power was left over actually kept the telephone, cable modem, switch, and wireless access point running until the power came back on. Since BOT House is the router they were all pretty much useless, but they kept running all the same.

I shut down EXP /// manually because it has a wimpy little UPS. It was never really meant for anything other than power spikes, of which we get a lot of around here in late Spring and early Summer. So it was the first to go.

At any rate I got the place back online at about 5:30AM after I woke up. Now we're all juiced up and ready for the next power outage.

In other news, the Proxy Project will have over 100,000 entries by tonight. Sometimes I scare myself.

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