Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ban-O-Matic //

I spent my Mother's Day morning re-writing Ban-O-Matic.

Earlier this week I thought I had fixed it, but it was back to its old tricks of banning the wrong damned players. My apologies for that. I never meant to piss off the good people of BOT House. Only the jerks and cheaters.

I was done by noon and then spent the next two and a half hours chasing down a missing right brace ( "}" ). What a pain in the ass.

I have declared a general amnesty while the Banned IP List rebuilds itself.

If you see some players you don't like they should be gone in about a minute. They don't actually disappear, the game just slows down for them (heh) and they don't play so good anymore.

The Ban List has 200 names in it now. Recent nominees include Patch.*, KillerQueen, Pimp.*, Switch.*, and AmericanBadass.

And as per BOT House tradition anyone with a clannish moniker is banned as well.

1 comment:

  1. Figured it was comment worthy that you are now book marked.

    Also if Gma played UT...she'd atleast be better then me.

    Comin' home June 27-29th, basically bike buming it from the Megabus stop to Ryder's and then hitching a ride with Ma after Comfest that Saturday or something of the sort. We will defiantly have to I can hide in the towers and snipe your head when your not looking.