Saturday, September 06, 2008


I have a number of things on my mind so I thought I'd throw together a quickie blog to put it all together.

I Still Hate ATI Drivers

I bought a new USB keyboard and mouse combo kit. I bought the combo because I have given up on wireless mice for the time being. Too many dead batteries.

When I started playing UT on the new keyboard the system consistently hung after about three games. I was convinced it was the new keyboard, so I finally dragged out my old keyboard.

Same deal. The system would just freeze and the sound card would make a loud, annoying sound. Like a buzzsaw. Had to hit the Big Button to get her back. Then I remembered that at about the same time I bought the keyboard & mouse I had upgraded the video driver to the ATI Radeon driver-of-the-month (July 2008 version).

I rolled it back to the 12/2007 driver (the last version 7 driver they made) and it's been rock solid ever since. I swear I have to play this game with the drivers about twice a year.

Proxy List Hits One Million

It took five months to get the proxy list to a half million servers (mostly dead, of course). Less than a week after that I hit the one million mark and now it's holding steady at 1.14 million. After that, I re-wrote a lot of the code to make the whole system faster because I was importing so much data.

Then, two out of the three best sources I had dried up.

PROOF GoDaddy Reads My Blog

Once they migrated to another box, the GoDaddy guy called to make sure everything was OK. He explained that the server had "more resources" than the old server.

"Oh, you mean it's beefier?" I asked.

"I don't think said that," he snapped back. "I don't think I ever said it was 'beefier'."

OK, whatever. He was clearly defensive. Maybe the call was being recorded for quality assurance purposes.

EXP /// Outage on 9/6/08

I took down EXP /// to take another look at the drive that died last December, this time backing up everything I could pull off of it and wiping the drive.

While I was at it, I put up another UT server on a - GASP! - Windows box. It's called "House of TOO MANY MODS" and it will be up through the weekend. This was a "Private Label" UT server I ran on the old ISA 2004 server, which I retired a few weeks ago after its BIOS burnt out.

That box, BTW, was the original BOT/BITCH House server than ran from 2003-2005. May it rest in peace.

I did it partially because I was waiting on the backups to complete and partially because I have never run the Chat-O-Matic program across the network. It works flawlessly, and I may move EXP /// over, since it's a weak box and it needs all the CPU cycles it can get.

Re-Org Tidbits

It may turn out that our new CSO is a wash. I do like the guy, but every day (in every way) he acts more like our old CSO.

He doesn't appear to be able to make a decision, or answer simple "yes-or-no" questions. He has been rumored to have "dropped the ball" on our budget, among other things. He has demonstrated that his technical knowledge is weak, but he won't admit it when he doesn't understand a technical explanation. And, once something has been explained, he has no retention whatsoever. None.

Our team is split up geographically (about 10 miles between buildings) and half of the team seldom sees the other, but I had an extended cigarette break with one of the guys and he is under the impression the CSO has ADD.

My team buddy is no psych expert, but he admits he himself has ADD and is on medication for it. He knows the signs and says the CSO has all the symptoms. He's concerned that this guy isn't going to work out unless he seeks help. He says the rest of the team is as clueless as everyone else is as to where the CSO is taking the Security Program.

Luckily, the place is big enough to jump ship to another department. Unfortunately, I have a lot of inertia.

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