Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ban-O-Matic is BACK

And it's up to revision 3 at this point. I made several seriously schweet improvements that should be ported over to the other scripts.

Sorry that took so damned long.

An unintended casualty came in the form of _gabriel_chile_. He was an innocent bystander. He simply chose the wrong name. I'll have to straighten that out.

Sorry to make you put up with all those idiots for so long.

And speaking of idiots, I noticed Ranger was back. He's not in the KillFile but he used to be. The sucker is just too damned good.

I've had a few complaints about the new server concerning lag. It's hard to tell from here, but it appears to be OK. There may have been some other issues. Time Warner Telecom (TWT) got hit with a DNS attack last week.

How would TWT's problems affect us?

Well, it goes like this: Some poor schmuck on TWT logs in to the server while TWT's DNS servers are getting bombed. UT isn't affected by the DNS attack because there is no name resolution involved. No problem there, but as soon as this schmuck needs to download one of our UT mods, if he can't resolve (the high speed server with all the mods), he's going to pull that mod off the local server (here in my family room) and subsequently consume most of the upstream bandwidth, which would seriously suck for anyone else who happens to be playing.

I'm sure that's clear as mud, but it is a possibility. We get TWT players here all the time and the local mod downloads have been a problem forever.

I did some other things to make the server more responsive. All the game binaries have had their CPU priorities upped.

Anyway, that's that for now. I hope everything's working out for you.

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