Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Experiment Continues...

After experiencing the bizarreness of EXPIV for almost a year now, I think I finally have the bugs figured out.

I added a utility called schedutils that lets you set the processor affinity for a given process. EXPIV now runs exclusively on CPU #0 while BITCH House and Classic3 share CPU #1. This has made a big difference as far as I can tell from this end.

I was so disappointed with EXP's performance I was going to install VMWare GSX server and run the games on a 32bit virtual machine. Unfortunately, that is way too much work if I want to stick with the current kernel. That was when the processor affinity idea dawned on me. Sure enough, Debian had a tool, but it didn't come stock with the distribution.

And speaking of Debian, they just announced they would be discontinuing security updates for Debian r4. That's a real shame because DEBIAN 5 STILL CAN'T RUN VNC4 WORTH A SHIT.

Pissed? A little. I can probably squeeze a couple more years out of 4.0 and roll my own security updates, but up to a point it becomes a losing battle with all the code dependencies.

And it's a shame Ubuntu 9.10 turned out to be a steaming pile of shit or I'd be looking into moving in that direction.

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