Saturday, March 20, 2010

Koobface May Be Mutating

Followers of my Proxy Project may have noticed a tremendous increase in the past few weeks of the number of active Koobface proxies in the wild.

They have become so widespread in the USA that I had to include a warning about them on my proxy list.

Koobface proxies are widely known to use TCP port 8085. However since the beginning of March I have seen a new trend of proxies listening on port 2479.

And by "trend" I mean an average of over 900 new proxies per week since March 3rd in the USA alone (the USA is Koobface's #1 "market").

This may be a new strategy by the KK (Koobface Korp) or it may be an entirely new botnet being set up.

We live in interesting times, boys and girls!

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