Monday, April 19, 2010

Хинки Динк

I spend a lot of time these days doing the IT security geek thing over at Proxy Obsession. For instance, over the last three weeks I've been hacking my own version of PuTTY, the popular Windows ssh client, and blabbering endlessly about my progress (or lack thereof). Real boring shit.

Anyway, since that particular blog is Wordpress, I get a lot of comment SPAM. I'm not sure what it is about Wordpress that attracts the comment spammers, but they love it. They keep spamming me and I keep adding their IP addresses to my .htaccess file.

Mostly I just tolerate it. And by "tolerate" I mean "delete".

A lot of it is vanity SPAM, attempts at schmoozing your way in to get a link. Stuff along the lines of "I love your blog and I'm subscribing to your RSS feed!" or "That was a very well written and thoughtful article!" and other such bullshit.

Slightly less than half of all the SPAM I get is written in Russian. Today I got one that said (translated by Google)...

"You would know that about you write in other blogs :)"

What? I guess he's trying to say that other people write about me in their blogs.

Yeah, right. That doesn't happen. But it got me curious about how often "Hinky Dink" shows up in Russian on the Interwebs, so I did a phonetic translation of "Hinky Dink" into Russian and tried this search.

There was a total of nine hits, and eight of those were about Michael "Hinky Dink" Kenna, the old timey Chicago political boss.

There was nothing about me me me ME, so I figured I would do something about that!

And that's why you're reading this!


  1. lol, way to get get ppl intrigued and then drop that on them :)

  2. What the heck, I have a hard time getting people intrigued as it is.

    Хинки Динк