Saturday, May 15, 2010


That's me!

For some unknown reason, The Boss decided I needed a laptop a year and a half after he decided I didn't need a laptop. So, now I have a new laptop.

I liked the old one just fine. It played UT great! I've had nothing but heartache with my own laptop and UT. At first I thought it was Vista, but all the problems remained after I upgraded it to Windows 7 (a.k.a. "Vis7a"). Then, one day I plugged a USB keyboard into it and tried playing. All the problems vanished. Turns out it's the keyboard hardware (or the driver). Still, it's not convenient to play that way.

This new laptop is nothing stellar, a run-of-the-mill HP 6530B with a dual core Centrino, two lousy gigs of RAM, 32-bit Vis7a, and an 80G hard drive (encrypted!).


I'm not impressed.

But... it runs UT like a champ! So now I can play from the comfort of my own couch. And it's small enough that I can have a cat on my lap at the same time!

It makes playing UT fun again!

So if you see New_Laptop_Boi say "Hi".

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