Monday, April 11, 2011

Server IP Change

If you bookmarked BOT House, BITCH House, et. al., in UT99 your bookmarks are now out of date.

This time it wasn't a power outage.  It just had to be done.

Last week, I ragged on GoDaddy's DNS services (I didn't say one word about Bob Parsons shooting the elephant... not one word!).  By early Saturday morning, between 1AM and 2AM they took away my ability to resolve my own DNS name through their servers.  After banging my head on the wall for several hours over this issue, it became obvious from the responses I received from their DNS servers ("Query refused") that they had blocked my IP at their servers.

No, I'm not paranoid.  Changing my IP fixed everything.  At least, everything DNS.  My IPv6 tunnel with Hurricane Electric broke, but I'm working on that.


For some reason I confused Bob Larson with Bob Parsons.  For all I know Larson could be an elephant killer, too.

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