Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SSID: "XDA-Wifi-Sharing"

So my analysis of my Wacky WiFi access point continues while I wait for the new one to arrive. I watched it drop about three times so far today, with the same results on the airodump-ng screen: my AP disappears and a dozen other SSIDs disappear as well. It comes back up and so do the missing APs. All the novelty is gone. It just happens now. It's almost predictable, but not quite.

But a new AP showed up out of the blue, with the SSID "XDA-Wifi-Sharing". Google took all the mystery out of that. It's some kind of WiFi router for your smart phone that sets up an Ad Hoc connection you can attach other devices to. Nice trick. I've done it myself, but don't see the point for dedicated software, although it does make a lot of sense as a phone app.

OK, fine. But according to airodump's analysis of the power this thing was putting out, it was in my freakin' house!

Then, as quick as it appeared, it disappeared. Then, my AP dropped out of site, too. Of course, my kidscript kicked in and brought it back, but still...

Coincidence? Maybe. This just keeps getting weirder.

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