Wednesday, January 29, 2014

BlazeDTV v3.5 Serial Number

Let me just say up front I am not in the business of pirating software.

These days.  The 90s was a different story.  But I digress.

A few years back, I bought an Auvitek ATSC USB dongle for an XP system.  It was cheap and it worked great.  It was bundled with "BlazeDTV v3.5" for tuning, recording, playback, etc.  Then I upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit and it stopped working.  Even after finding the 64-bit drivers for it (after a long hard search) it still wouldn't work.  So it sat in a drawer until one day when I "inherited" another XP system.  I ran the installation disk, plugged in the dongle, and it asked me for the serial number, which I promptly plugged in.

And the little rat bastard told me I had installed it on too many systems.  It refused to run.

Problem was, it was phoning home to check on the serial number.  I null routed the mothership, ran setup again, and everything was fine.  Can't call home, can't check the serial, can't brick the software.  No problem.  I made it a permanent entry in my local DNS recursor (PowerDNS).

This worked great for months.  It works with Windows 7 32-bit just fine.  Then today I was playing around with proxies (as usual) on IE9 (which I don't normally use).  Forgot about it and went to watch some TV.

And it wanted the serial number.  When I plugged it in it said "FUCK YOU" and refused to run.  At that point I remembered I had set IE up with some proxy in God-Know-Where (probably some MikroTik router in Venezuela--those are pretty fast) and it found the mothership.

So here's my (BAD) serial number if you need it...


It's no good.  It's used up.  Huffed.  So I don't feel bad about giving it out.

You need to add this line to your local hosts file:

And that will kill the mothership, which you will never be able to hit with anything ever again.

Unless you use a Venezuelan proxy (or equivalent).

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