Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Distractions: UTClassicPack]l[

The other day, as I was investigating my Google Alert hit at Unreal Admin, I ran across this link.

Here's the straight poop:

After months of hard work, and 3 years after the release of the second Classic Pack, the UT Classic Pack ]I[ is now complete! Some fans of the Unreal 1 classics might tell you, "They just don't make them like they used to". The old mapping styles of the first Unreal simply don't exist anymore. This hefty map pack contains thirty-four handpicked classic maps from the original Unreal, converted over to Unreal Tournament manually. Among the conversions are three maps from the GW Press Add-On Level pack - made by official Epic mappers back in the day. This add-on has since been lost and is very hard to come by. Other conversions include earlier works from authors who work for Epic today, along with other popular mappers in the Unreal community. Many people will recognize the names in this list of chosen maps!

I suppose I missed the Second UT Classic Pack, but last year a ran a little side server called "BOT House Old Skewl" consisting of maps from UT 1, which came bundled with my (1999 vintage) Voodoo 3000 video card. I also converted them (poorly) to UT99. Had to because they wouldn't run otherwise.

I loved Unreal 1 back in the day, but truthfully the reason "they just don't make them like they used to" is that the maps sucked ass. For the most part, with exceptions, they're "Battle Boxes" connected by tunnels, teleports, and doors. Ho-hum.

Regardless, or in spite of, all that, I downloaded it anyway and threw together a server called UTClassicPack]I[ Online.

Absolutely zero points for originality on that one. Maybe I should have called it "WARNING: UTClassicPack]I[". Maybe I will but I'll keep it like it is for now.

It's extremely minimalist. 6 players, 10 frags, 5 minutes per game.

Five minutes seems a little austere, but you will understand it when you play these maps. Five minutes is about all you'll be able to take.

And oh yeah... I threw Relics in there. I love Relics. And as always it's LOW GRAVITY.

No Robo-Hinky on this one, though.

I don't expect a lot of traffic on this server but things have been slow so what the Hell. I've only used 80M out of my 5G of disk space and 0.01% of my bandwidth allotment on the GoDaddy server, and I've still got two more years left on the contract. Might as well use it.

If you're a dialup user, the game will be over before you download the files, so I put the Classic Pack here if you want to download it before playing.

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