Sunday, September 02, 2007

Even More Debian Updates In Store

Debian has released yet another kernel upgrade that will affect both BOT House and Experimental II. This update has also made it's way into the Ubuntu tree and it's going to take down Mrs. Hinky's computer as well.

Lady Dink has been running Ubuntu 6.06 LTS for over a year on a refurb all-in-one IBM NetVista similar in speed & capacity to the EXP II server.

It has run flawlessly all this time and updates have never beeen an issue, but since she runs the same RaLink wireless NIC as EXP II, I expect the same problems (although, thinking back on it, she has had several kernel upgrades in the past year with no NIC problems whatsoever - perhaps that particular driver is in the Ubuntu tree).

Mrs. D. was a latecomer to the 21st century. We've been married 23 years (as of September 4th), and for two decades she has stared at the back of my head while I hacked away at my various projects.

She realized last year she needed the Internet and email to survive.

Her little Ubuntu box resides in a corner of the kitchen and when she's not cranking out batches of her award winning peanut butter fudge or Norwegian Almond Nut Bars she diddles away at the computer writing emails to her various relatives or to our Worthless Kid, who is attending "college" at the Moody Bible Institute, studying Creationology and Faith-Based Logic.

Since this is a three day weekend (I never understood why the USA decided to celebrate May Day in September), I may do the maintenance early tomorrow. BOT House shouldn't be an issue, but EXP II may be down for a couple of hours.

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