Friday, July 11, 2008

Bahrain Bloodbath

I promised to move all the proxy news off to another page, and I did, but I have an update on the news I posted in June concerning the explosion in Bahrainian proxies.

A couple weeks after that post a second wave hit. At one point The List had no less than 17 pages and more than half were Bahrainian proxies. Pages and pages and pages of that annoying little red and white flag.

Part of the reason that happened in the first was that I was raiding Chinese proxy lists heavily for about four days, checking tens of thousands of address:port listings. I think it's safe to say China was the source of all those proxies in the first place (the usual, non-Chinese proxy lists never really caught up with them, and if they did they probably saved them for their "premium" customers).

As of today, they are all gone. GONE. The List is down to four pages, the shortest it's ever been. In fact I'm thinking of taking the number of proxies per page down just to get a higher page count (heh).


Considering I predicted it would happen in the first place, I'm not sure why I'm so surprised.

Plucky little Bahrain Telecomm finally got their shit together on this one.

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