Sunday, July 20, 2008

Unannounced Maintenance 07/20/08

I took BOT House and everything else down at about 12:30PM EDT today, Sunday 7/20/08.

We were back up by 1PM.

Since things had been going not so well on the Proxy Project, I ordered a 4 Gig RAM upgrade to give the VM (Virtual Machine) running the Project a little more breathing room. But, silly me, I either FORGOT or DIDN'T KNOW IN THE FIRST PLACE that the motherboard would only use slightly less than ~3.5Gigs. I ended up pulling two 1Gig sticks out and putting the two original 512M sticks back in.

OK... so now I had two free 1Gig sticks and a UT99 server with only 1Gig of RAM... hmmm... what would you do?

Well, duh!

And considering my house eats power supplies like they're going out of style (I'm lucky if one lasts two years) and considering I haven't blown the spiders out of the BOT House box since the hard drive went south last Christmas, I just had to shut 'er down and get 'er done! BH was quiet and only GTO was playing on EXP /// so I pulled the plug and got my screwdriver and a fresh can of Dust Off out.

Back online 20 minutes later.

Since there is - hopefully - memory to burn I'm going to resurrect Classic 3 and BITCH House and see how it goes for a week or two.

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