Saturday, August 16, 2008

Marketing To Idiots

This Web site was brought to my attention the other day:

These crooks offer free "network management software". They market this crap to network administrators.


Dear God.

Administrators are the people who have total, complete control over every server and workstation in your environment (I'm guessing your environment is Windows).

is a rogue's gallery of the BOZOS who have actually installed this nonsense on their network. One of them even works in a hospital.


Before you start thinking Mr. Hinky Dink is flipping out (and shit like this does drive him nuts), here is how these crooks keep their spyware "free":
Relevant, unobtrusive ads from our sponsors help keep Spiceworks free. We understand that not everyone can have or wants ads in their environment. With Spiceworks MyWay you can replace the ads with your logo for just $20/month.
Are you getting the picture now?

They use the network credentials of the IDIOT who installs this crap to install it on every computer in your network.

I can see it now (cue the harp music)...
Admin (to himself): "dum dee dumm... wah? This looks like a valuable Enterprise application suite! I think I'll install it!"

Boss (from other room, screaming): "WTF ARE THESE PENIS ENLARGEMENT ADS DOING ON MY DESKTOP!!!???"

Admin: "Fuck!"

[Admin frantically gets out credit card, pays twenty bucks to get rid of ads.]
Get the picture?

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