Saturday, August 09, 2008 Traffic Report

Here's the monthly traffic report for

As you can see, the Proxy Project has added quite a bit of traffic to the site, which was really only originally designed to hold UT mods (don't worry - they aren't going away).

I was surprised to see this because going by the "eXTRMeMe Tracking" results you'd hardly think anyone at all was hitting the place. I'm also getting a Hell of a lot more search bot traffic than I thought I was.

Everything prior to that is just UT mod downloads. I'd like to think my Websense hack had something to do with the December 2007 results, but looking at the 2006 results it was probably just the Christmas rush.

You might recall on Christmas 2006 I added Santa to the Robo-Chat program. That was a lot of fun, but I never got around to doing it for Christmas 2007. In fact by that time I had hacked the program around some much it was difficult to bring Santa back. Or I was just too lazy. I can't remember which.

UT2004 went up today. I found a public mod server. It doesn't seem like anyone's really interested in playing. One of the reasons may be because I shut off stat logging, but from what I remember nobody really cared about playing it in the first place, although there are a lot of servers out there. The AMD64 version turned out to be pretty flaky, so I decided to run the x86 version on the AMD64 box. There's no noticeable difference in play. The last time I monkeyed around with it, Robo-Chat worked fine with the voice chat feature except for certain phrases. Not anymore, so getting it "on the Map" will be a problem.

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