Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chase Down Mr. Hinky Dink

I've been going over the stats for the Proxy List and noticied a growing trend in search engines referrals. It used to be I'd get hits for mundane stuff like "proxy Houston" or "proxy list no codeen" and the like.

Now, they're searching for little old me!

Awww... isn't that sweet?


Things have changed slightly on The List. I have finally kept my original "CoDeeN-Free" promise. The servers are there, but have been moved into three text files. One has all CoDeeN servers, another has just USA CoDeeN servers, and the last has only non-USA servers.

I moved them because most were found on the same day and since the list is sorted by "date found" they took up about 4 contiguous pages. And besides, no one really likes them and they're generally avoided.

In fact, some Rat Bastard CoDeeN server operator in fucking POLAND bitched to my ISP because I pulled five lousy pages off his server! FIVE LOUSY PAGES! Maybe 8K max! Creep! Run a PUBLIC PROXY and WHINE when THE PUBLIC uses it? Utter nonsense. Die, bitch!


Plus, this fucker's proxy is all over the Web. (Check this out as well.) Why pick on Hinky?

What really pissed me off is that this is a network torn off from NeoStrada, which is where a lot of the UT cheatzors come from.

Anyway, I put his address somewhere where it won't be used again (by me), but I left it in the CoDeeN list just to piss him off.

Eat that!

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