Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Public Health Videos

As you know, I'm quite fond of myslef. And justly so. I have written before about setting up Google Alerts for "mrhinkydink" and I'm still getting them. It doesn't - usually - creep me out as much as it did in the beginning but today I got a "hit" I was slightly dumbfounded by. It seems someone collected my entire body of work at YouTube and decided they were public health videos.

Here's a screen cap for posterity just in case they discover the error of their ways.

Very curious. I figure it must have been the Recombo DNA video, which I created for my tinfoil hat e. coli theory from last year.

Either that or last year's celebration of National Handwashing Week or my dissertation on towels, hotels, and MRSA tipped them off that I was some sort of health guru.

Whatever the reason, I'm honored.

I think.

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