Monday, April 27, 2009

StinkFly BANNED!

I got a complaint! Here it is...
If you are the guy cheating on your maps, known as STINKYFLY..then I am talking to a degenerate. If you are not him, then I suggest you please remove him. He is flagrantly winning games by cheating on your maps. Scores like 35 to 5 when nobody else is even close and they are good players. Show your class and integrity and kick his childish, cheating ass off. He spoils the game.
Well, jeepers. I never did like that guy anyway. He's one of "those" players who tends to make everybody leave, all at once. But I never caught him in flagrante delicto, if you know what I mean.

And I try to refrain from banning people who just happen to piss me off (except for Zodiac). I'm not a good player, even though I've been fragging away for the last ten years (my, how time flies) I just never got the hang of it (I still can't strafe for the life of me). I'm so bad sometimes it seems like everybody's cheating.

So I refrain from banning people - as much as possible - until somebody complains.

But I love to do it, because I've put a lot of time and effort into Ban-O-Matic and tying it into the firewall rules. And because it works so well (when it works - there have been no lack of problems with it over the years).

And since I migrated everything to the new server and put all the scripts on a network share it's easier than it's ever been!

Plus I get no small amount of satisfaction of watching the banned players trying to play. They sort of float across the map, if they can move at all, and they bitch and moan and curse their fate. Or they get paranoid and blame it on a Denial of Service attack from another player.

That's just precious.

Anyway, Stinky's gone. I may immortalize him as a bot ("StinkyFly" seems like a nice subtle twist, but "ShitFly would work, too).

But be forewarned, a lot of times they come crying back to Hinky, promising to play nice and never ever cheat again. And being the kind hearted old fool I am, I take pity on their worthless basement boy existence and usually let them back on (except for Zodiac).

So anyway, please feel free to complain! I do listen and I like playing UT with a good crowd.

Eliminate the ninnies and the twits!


  1. Anonymous6:25 AM

    I just noticed this post about StinkFly banned. I played as, WAS, StinkFly and NEVER cheated! I'm pretty sure I know who posted this and his idea of "good players" that I beat leaves a lot to be desired. When really good players DO enter the game, they beat me, at least some of the time. You should really check your facts before banning someone. Since I played often, it would've been fairly easy to do so. Additionally, if this guy is who I think it is, he threatened my life in a game via the chat screen. Not my life in the game, my life in real life. This guy has something very wrong with him, aside from false accusations.

  2. Anonymous6:33 AM

    One more point: he calls me a "degenerate." Yet we are talking about a game here!! Even if I did cheat, which I DON'T and never have, it certainly wouldn't rise to the level of being called a "degenerate" unless the accuser has other personal issues that may, say, impel him to threaten another player's life in real life! Again, if you can't read between the lines of this kind of rant and avoid a banning based on this over-the-top garbage, it may say something about the banner as well as the false accuser!

  3. Anonymous6:42 AM

    You wrote that StinkFly (me) is "one of "those" players who tends to make everybody leave, all at once. But I never caught him in flagrante delicto, if you know what I mean." Apparently just the fact that many people left was enough to piss you off, even though you never caught me cheating. Since you obviously checked to see if I was cheating, found that I wasn't, and still got pissed off, you're basing my ban on the word of one player and your own "pissed off for no reason" attitude! I'd say both the false accuser and YOU have some personal issues related to fact checking that need to be addressed in real life. Apparently, it's ok to a)get pissed off without any solid facts to support cheating and b)accept the word of someone who gets so worked up about a game that he calls another player a "degenerate"...not because he has sex with animals, but because he doesn't like the way a game is being played!!

  4. Anonymous7:09 AM

    One other possibility occurred to me which apparently YOU never considered: maybe someone else using the StinkFly name really WAS cheating! Guess it's just something that takes a little more effort to fact check than you were willing to do...along with fact-checking whether or not I really was cheating! Oh! That's right! You never found me cheating! I guess that's one fact that didn't count.

  5. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Yes, I DID notice that it said "StinkyFly" in the post. I did my fact checking. I was Stinkfly not StinkyFly. Still, we both know the first "y" in the name doesn't absolve either the accuser or you because it was StinkFly, not StinkyFly, that was banned!

  6. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Figures you would lol. As I wrote earlier, " may say something about the banner..."

  7. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Just realized something. You're catch phrase is "Eliminate the ninnies and the twits!" Wouldn't that apply to YOU if you ban people without a)any solid evidence that they cheat b)just because they piss you off (need anger management?) c)just because some over-the-top whiner (who is a LOUSY player, if it's who I think it is) calls me a "degenerate." Yes indeed, "Eliminate the ninnies and the twits!" That is, elminate...yourself! Now you may LOL...then get that psych counseling you need.

  8. dude... lighten up! it's a freakin' game!

    You do realize only the name is banned, right? Lose it, change your MAC address, get a new IP, and you're in!

  9. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Yep, I do realize only the name is banned. It's the reason WHY that makes YOU one of the "ninnies and the twits." You banned me because I "pissed" you off and because someone called me a "degenerate." NOT because you had any evidence that I was cheating. In addition, form your last comment, my old name, Stinkfly is STILL banned even though you STILL have no evidence that I ever cheated! You still ban me and yet say, "it's a freakin' game!" Well if it's only a freakin' game, then UN-ban my old name! Since you haven't, I guess it ISN'T just a "freakin' game" to you! So I'll say right back at you, "dude... lighten up!" un-ban my old name. It's only a freakin' game...and I never cheated in it!

  10. Anonymous12:26 AM

    "Dude" understand this: I never did anything wrong! I never cheated and even you admit that you never found me cheating. Yet despite that, you BANNED me! I never did anything wrong, yet I was wronged! If it's only a game, how come you listened to someone who described me as a "degenerate?" IT'S ONLY A FREAKIN' GAME! Yet he described me as a degenerate...and you listened to him! So, Mr. hypocrite, if it's only a freakin' game, how come you banned me even though I did nothing wrong, you had no evidence I did anything wrong, and you listened to someone who took this game way too seriously? Again, this reveals more about you than it does me...cause I did nothing wrong!! What's more, if I understand you correctly, my old name Stinkfly is still banned! Only a freakin' game, yet you want me to, "...change [my] MAC address, get a new IP..." all because you won't admit that I did nothing wrong and won't lift the ban!! If it's only a freakin' game, LIFT THE BAN! ADMIT YOU WRONGED ME! APOLOGIZE! After all, IT'S ONLY A FREAKIN' GAME...DUDE!

  11. It's been over a year now, has it?

    You have paid your debt to society.

    However, there will be no apologies.

    Mind your manners and be nice.


  12. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Paid my debt?? What debt? I DID NOTHING WRONG! You weren't able to find me cheating because I didn't! It's YOUR debt to pay! You banned me without cause. You tell me to "mind your manners and be nice" but you won't apologize to be nice even though your ban was without merit, without evidence, based on the rantings of some over-the-top nut and your own meritless "pissed" feelings! So MIND YOUR OWN MANNERS and APOLOGIZE for having banned me without just cause. It's only a game...yet you won't mind your manners, be nice, and apologize. Calling you a hypocrite isn't an insult, it's a simple statement of fact and a very mild one at that. At least I'm not calling you a "degenerate" like that guy you heeded when you banned me. AH has spoken his hypocrisy over and over. AH refuses to pay his debt with a simple apology, despite the FACT that he has no proof I ever cheated and heeded the word of a nut. AH has no manners to mind, but wants others to mind theirs. AH isn't nice to others, but wants others to be nice to him. AH has spoken...and his speech is double-standard and hypocritical: one standard for him, another for others. It's only a freakin' game, when it's others' actions, but it's something else when it's his. Dude, even now you still refuse to accept the obvious: that you wronged me without cause, you listened to the rantings of someone who considered UT more than a game, and you insist on manners when you offer no apology in return. PAY YOUR DEBT! Apologize! Alternatively, tell me what I did wrong to be banned. Tell me you PROVED I was cheating. If you can' live DOWN to everything I wrote and more! Dude.

  13. What part of "AH HAS SPOKEN" do you not understand?

  14. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I understood it just fine. I just ignored it. Didn't you understand that? Seems like you don't understand anything.

  15. Anonymous1:49 AM

    Clarification: I ignored ONLY the fact that you arrogantly attempted to end this not with an apology, but with the arrogant pronouncement that AH has spoken.