Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I got the news today that Google Page Creator (GPC) is going to die this June. This is a shame because I was quite fond of it and have been using it for the last two years to document a number of (usually silly) things, including documenting the progress of The Proxy List. Sometime in June it's going to be moved over to Google Sites.

Luckily I already squatted on Google Sites about a year ago. At about the same time, I registered mrhinkydink.net (the dot-com version is the site at GoDaddy that holds the utmods and the Proxy List).

So anyway, since mrhinkydink.net wasn't really doing anything, I pointed www.mrhinkydink.net to my little corner of Google Sites.

Nothing much is there right now. To be brutally honest, I don't like Google Sites that much. It seems limited compared to GPC, which was an awful hack (with infuriating quirks) to begin with but I got finally used to it (and GPC is much faster to working on with Google Chrome than either FireFox or Internet Explorer).

Since Google is forcing this move on me I'm starting to put backup copies of my GPC pages on the GoDaddy site, just in case. And I plan on investigating other venues, so the hinkydink.net name may yet be transferred again. Maybe to WordPress.

That plan could change if Google decides to improve Sites, but I'm not counting on that happening.

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