Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yet Another Dark Ass Blog

Every two-bit security hack, has been, and wannabee (like me) has a dark blog. It's edgy. A throwback to those old h@><0r days of dark blue type on a black background and a shitload of pr0n links.

Although, right now, doing a quick Googie against BlogSpot I can't find any. Not one.

Are they turning away from the Dark Side? Could be. They have, after all embraced (barf) FaceBook and Twitter. Every man Jack.

Which brings me to my latest creation:

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned my issues with Google Pages. Well, I got tired of waiting for them to shit or get off the pot, so I moved the Proxy Project Notes lock, stock, and proverbial barrel over to WordPress.

Three hours of cut & paste.

When I was finished I noticed they had an import feature.


Lucky for me it didn't support Google Pages. Lucky in that I didn't feel like a complete idiot after finding that feature.

But I made a mental note that they do BlogSpot pages because they pissed me off last week. They flagged Murder/Suicide as a "SPAM blog" and threatened to delete it!


I may use my newfound WordPress skillz to move it over and see what it looks like. Besides, BlogSpot has some idiosyncracies that piss me off (I'm sure WordPress has a few but I haven't discovered those yet).

After all that cutting & pasting I spent another three hours archiving the Google Pages site "as is" on GoDaddy. Now that I have two backups, Google can go ahead and move that site over at will, like they threatened in the first place. If I like the results - and I do believe I won't - I'll leave it.

In the meantime I'll keep hacking away at WordPress.

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