Saturday, June 27, 2009

EXP IV Has Been Moved

The EXP IV box used to be the longest link on HinkyNet. I had a very long ethernet cable from the Old Days (1995 or 1996) that I used to link it in. The said cable spent many years in the trunk of the Hinkymobile and was used as an emergency measure back in my consultant days, which are now almost ten years behind us.

As a result of the use, abuse, and neglect of this cable, it was quite kinky and probably not a good choice to put "in production". And since I'm a Cheap Sun of a Bitch I was damned if I'd go out and actually buy a decent cable for this purpose.

So I moved the whole damned box across the room, as well as the UPS. I put it on a cable that is about six inches away from being too short. Hopefully this tightens up the whole "collision domain" and complaints of LAG will, if not disappear, be minimized.

But you never know.

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