Saturday, November 07, 2009


After a very long hiatus I decided to lose 45 minutes of my life and finally upgrade the drivers for my Radeon X1300 on my "old" (circa 2003 - JESUS! That is old!) Windows XP box.

So I sashayed over to ATI/AMD and looked around for the driver-of-the-month.

To my astonishment, the driver was three months old!

Not only that, it was classified as a legacy driver.

Yes, Windows XP is on its last legs, boys and girls. I suppose I could upgrade it but I very rarely use the Old Girl for anything except running Virtual Machines. It currently hosts the VM for the Proxy Project, which runs 24x7, but it still runs UT99 better than my dual AMD64 Windows 7 laptop (recently upgraded from Vista).

Anyway, I downloaded the last ATI driver and played some UT today. It ran nicely, but it made me nostalgic for the Good Old Days back when a 3.4mHz "single core" P4 was a hot system.

And now I can't even complain about the drivers anymore.

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