Saturday, November 28, 2009

ipset v4.1

On November 10th, ipset v4.0 was released.

Or maybe it escaped, because less than 24 hours later ipset v4.1 came out.

So it's been two weeks and ipset v4.2 is nowhere to be seen, so I finally bit the bullet and installed ipset v4.1 on EXP IV.

You may recall the upgrade to kernel 2.6.31 on EXP IV was declared a huge success at the time. Well, that was back in September. As the days and weeks went by I started noticing some performance issues. It was something like LAG, but different. Things would freeze - but you could still move - then the world would snap back into place and you'd be somewhere else.

Usually dead.

Annoying, but - for the most part - playable.

The BOT House upgrade was a disaster and resulted in a complete rollback, so I knew somewhere, something wasn't right.

I suspected iptables, but EXP IV uses a very small subset of iptables, namely, ipset. And the issues that plagued BOT House never showed up on EXP IV, so I let it roll.

Until now.

I've only played a few games but it seems OK. I also blew out the Ban List once again, for testing purposes (only on EXP IV - the BOT House Ban List was untouched).

If this upgrade pans out, I will probably revisit the 2.6.31 upgrade on BOT House next weekend.

I'm sure ipset v4.2 will be out by then.

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