Sunday, February 21, 2010

UPS Post-mortem

It's dead, Jim!
We had another power outage today! Did you notice? Of course not, because everything's working as intended now.

For giggles, I plugged in the old UPS and hooked it up to a power-unprotected Windows XP box. I installed the GAWD-AWFUL-UGLY software (see below) and did a self-test on the UPS.

The result?


And everything went dark.

I had to go back to the Old Blog to see when I installed this thing. It was officially announced in October 2005, so it lasted for four years and change. Now, it's junk.

TOXIC JUNK, since it has a lead-acid battery inside it. I suppose if I were a drunken electrician (like my dear old bald-headed Daddy, Drinky Dink) I could fix this thing, but now I have to take it somewhere and probably pay somebody GOOD MONEY to throw it in the lake for me.

For the record, I would never buy one of these again, although... ummm... I already have bought one (a different model) for my "domain services" box. That one appears to be working fine, but I do feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

If/when I buy another UPS, it's definitely going to be an APC.

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