Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cameroonian HUSTLAS

Although they've stopped bothering me about UK proxies (see the chatter on this page), Cameroonians still represent almost two thirds of visitors to my Proxy List page.

Notorious for their Puppy Scamming activities, the 'roonians are branching out into social networking, according to this article at TMCnet. Nowadays they are exploiting the lucrative Lonely Hearts market.
"An American girl created a Facebook profile to escape the loneliness created by the break-up of a relationship. Being of Cameroonian origin by her father, she began adding people from Cameroon to her profile, although she had not visited the country in over 15 years. Less than two months ago, she was contacted by one of the Cameroonians on her profile who is based in Kuala Lumpur. She was taken in by what quickly became a love scam. She fell head over heels for the scumbag, who knew just the right words to tell. Hard working and a brilliant student, she soon promised to sponsor his entry into the United States and to help him get into the same university where, of course, she would be paying the fees for him. After buying a plane ticket to spend vacation with her new lover in Malaysia, she gave access to her scammer lover to collect money from her account to book a hotel and rent a car for her stay in Malaysia. The girl later realised huge sums of money was taken from her account with the new lover no more in existence."
Poor girl.


Of course, the traditional 419 "Business Opportunity" remains popular. The same article also notes...
"Some foreign businessmen have been found wandering in some streets in Cameroon after arriving in the country to realise that their Cameroonian business partners are not real."
I don't know about you but I get a chuckle out of that visualizing it in my tiny little punkin head.


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