Saturday, January 22, 2011

SoftLayer == Niche Player

Anyone who's ever followed Gartner's Magic Quadrants knows the lower left corner is usually the Loser's Quadrant.  If you can't make it to at least the "Challengers" quad (losers with attitude), there's not much your marketing department can do to help you spin the news.

Whenever an MQ is unleashed unto the world, the press releases start to flow from the Gartner-proclaimed  Challengers, Visionaries, and Leaders.

Not so much from the Niche Players.

So it's somewhat surpising to see SoftLayer strutting their stuff over their Niche Player status in the latest Gartner MQ for "Cloud Infrastructure as a Service and Web Hosting" (Price US$1,995).

Well, good for them.  They've had a checkered past.  Nice to see they're finally cleaning up their act.

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