Saturday, January 08, 2011

Creepy Convergence

One early Sunday morning back in October, Gastonia (NC) police found a 2009 Hyundai Sante Fe parked in their own parking lot.  Inside were a pair of bodies, the victim and perp of a murder/suicide.

Tragic, but it happens every day.  On average, it happens about twice a day.  There is no avoiding it.  It happens.

This always triggers a number of events.  The police have to investigate.  The bodies have to be removed.  The crime scene has to be cleaned up.  Coroners are woken up.  Autopsies are performed.  And sooner or later the unfortunate actors of their own Final Tragedy are laid to rest.

The twist in the Gastonia murder/suicide was somewhere along the line a mortuary worker lifted a credit card from the victim.

Or, if you believe her creepy MySpace page, the mortuary manager.  (I don't expect this page to be up forever, so I have preserved it at right.  Click for a larger view.)

This particular mortuary advertises many of the services involved in the chain of events that happen after a murder/suicide, including body transport and autopsy, so it's not unusual the Gastonia police contracted with them for this incident.

Now, the mortuary has a public relations nightmare on their hands.

And they're looking for a new manager.

The cops, too, need to take a look at their chain of evidence policies and procedures.  And a second look at their dealings with this company in the past.

Then someone needs to take a long, hard look at ChelleMorticia.  With search warrants.  And maybe a cadaver dog or two.

This is not going to be the last we'll hear about her.

Disturbing Update

It seems our girl has taken her own life.

Still, this is not the end of this story.

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