Saturday, May 07, 2011

It's Heeeeeeeeeeeere!

It seems that the Universe is conspiring against me, trying everything in its power to prevent the resurrection of the List.

But it's back now, and the Cameroonian puppy scammers are whacking it like there's no tomorrow.  They way things are going, they might be right.

Last night, after I tweeted the announcement of the List's imminent rebirth, my system died.  That makes three so far this year.  I don't even have a box to play UT on anymore, which sucks out loud.

Then, the past came back to haunt me.  When I first set the account up with GoneDaddy back in '05, I wanted to go with Linux and I had selected Linux as the platform, but I hit the back button to check something and reset the choice to Windows.  HUGE mistake, but I decided to live with it. 

BAD decision.

The problem?  Windows is case insensitive.  Linux is not.  Since I hacked most of my graphics together with mspaint, they all had UPPER CASE extensions. 

I ran across this issue last year when I was hacking around with Nginx as a front end for Windows IIS servers.  It's like oil and water.  They just don't mix.  In fact the only sure fire way to beat the issue is to compile a case insensitive version of Linux, which breaks everything.

And of course, all the graphics files were backed up to the computer that died.

To top that issue off, I had used FileZilla to download the old site and in its infinite wisdom, it converted all those mixed case graphics to lower case.  If it had just left well enough alone, 90% of the graphics issues would have gone away.

But now all that's fixed and the List is up in all its former glory (minus the objectionable content that killed it--can you guess what that was?).  The Proxy Obsession links are all broken, of course, but I expect to fix that soon.

But not today.


  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Woot glad to have your list back. Truly appreciate all you do. Those other lists just don't seem as good. Question: Is scraping your list 3 times a day ok with you or would you consider that excessive? Thanks for any guidelines! (I'm only doin it once a day right now, and thank you again for this resource!!)

  2. Thanks. I appreciate that. As for the scraping, well, see my next blog post when I get around to it.

    If you have problems, I'd like to know. I'm pretty sure you're going to have problems (trust me, it's not you).