Friday, May 06, 2011

keep ur pance on

I just put back online and the place is getting hammered.  The list isn't there yet, but apparently there are a zillion or so page scraping bots hammering the place.

Gosh folks, I'm speechless.

You guys with the proxy mining bots should really think about putting a fake referrer in your headers.  Talk about rubbing it in.  And get rid of the Wget User-Agent!  Most proxy lists will slam you with a 403 when they see that shit.  Get a clue!

What a bunch of newbs.

It sure is nice having a host provider with decent Web stats.  And cheaper than that rat bastard GoDaddy (now GoneDaddy).

No, I have to take back all the bad things I ever said about GD.  They were very gracious during the Trouble Time, offering to help me work through the issues (wasn't going to happen) and even waived all the fees.

And they never sent a customer satisfaction survey when it was All Over.  I would've rated them high on that one.

I'm serious about that.  They really wanted to help.  It's a shame it was a lost cause (no fault of their own).

While I was down, the List kept doing its thing even though it had nowhere to go.  Glancing over the database, it seems like the other day Southeast Asia had a flashmob on port 8118.  What was that all about?  Also lots of action in former Soviet bloc countries.  What goes around, comes around, tovarisch!  And of course port 9415 is still big.  I guess the Chinese haven't discovered how to patch software yet.

So I'm this close >< to putting the List back up, but I've got some editing to do to get rid of the "offensive content".

Proxy Obsession is all in one piece but I don't have a place to put it yet, so there's going to be some dead links.  I obsessed about which domain to publish the List on for over a week.  Back in March I had planned to retire the Hinky Dink brand but that whole deal with Chicago Code's "Bathhouse & Hinky Dink" episode really pissed me off.  You spend eight years building your brand and one stupid TV show comes around and hoses your search results forever (for example, try to find the theological meaning of "Will and Grace" with Google some time).

Now it's personal.  

For the UT99 crowd, not that they ever bother to show up here, The Map is back up, but it won't be updated for awhile yet.

Sorry about shutting the comments off, but some people don't know how to STFU.  All it takes is one shitburger munching retard to ruin things for everyone.

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