Saturday, June 11, 2011

TCP 9415 Report for May 2011

Since my disclosure of the Chinese proxy issue back in April, I've been keeping an eye on the number of port 9415 proxies that pop up in the various lists I scrape every day.

This is how the numbers shook out for May 2011...

The month's total was up by ~16,000 proxies compared to April 2011, but the TCP 9415 percentage was down by 16 points.  April saw a 50/50 split between 9415 proxies and all others.

Comparing just the count of 9415 proxies, the numbers show a 20% drop from April.  China still has the biggest problem, but Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Macau all managed to drop 30-50% by raw count.

I like to think I did that, but only time will tell.

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