Wednesday, August 03, 2011

3.99 Million Proxies

We'll probably hit the 4 million mark tomorrow morning during the 4AM run, but there's a slight chance of it happening before midnight.

3,425 to go.  Right on schedule.  We always seem to roll over another mill in August.

The List is here, in case you forgot.  The count is buried in the HTML, in a comment under the closing "head" tag.


08/04/2011 0615 — Hung at 3,999,984 proxies. 6AM run A.W.O.L.
08/04/2011 0715 — 4,000,571 proxies! w00t!


  1. Anonymous7:59 AM

    How come I don't see 4 million proxies? I only see like 12 pages and like 50 proxies on each page...

  2. The 4 million is the number since I started harvesting proxy lists in 2008. They're kept in a MySQL database off-site.

    The proxies published on the list are the ones that have been verified to actually work.

    If you follow other proxy lists you will notice that only about one out of one hundred are active on any given list.