Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Last Days of Port 9415?

I just ran some quick numbers on the proxy database to see what's going on with ports 8909 and 9415. I did a couple of blog entries in May and June about port 9415, but I dropped the ball in July and then got distracted by port 8909 the first week of August.

What I found was this...

Port 9415 (blue) is indeed dropping like a rock and port 8909 (red) is becoming the dominant port.

Considering the source—public proxy lists—I have to wonder whether the proxy scanners have given up on 9415 or whether 9415 has simply run its course. With that in mind I looked at Dshield's data.


Hard to say. The "Target" line (green) reveals attempted port scans. Dshield gets their data from network dweebs who think their firewall logs are meaningful in some way, so their results are screwed skewed.

Here is Dshield's report on 8909...

Once again, we're looking at the green line. And once again... meh

Too bad there isn't a Chinese Dshield.

Have the scanners given up on port 9415? I would have to say no, but considering how awful those proxies were, I wouldn't blame them if they dropped 9415 in favor of the vastly superior port 8909 proxies. 9415 is just one number in a list of 65,535 numbers, and—trust me—they're scanning all of them.

I think there's some kind of real effect going on here. It would be nice if it was a result of my April disclosure about PPLiveAV, but it could be something else entirely.

Only about 750 unique addresses have been seen listening on both ports. Whether this is simply "DHCP churn" or users running both clients concurrently is unknown, but if it were a mass migration from the PPLive player to the Youku player, you'd think there would be more dual port database hits. However, from my research—which is limited at this time—I don't believe that the client software is interchangeable.

Time will tell where this trend is headed, but it's been less than a month since port 8909 showed up with the daily numbers it has now. If PPLiveAV was fixed, the "lessons learned" were lost on the developers of the Youku client software.

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