Sunday, December 07, 2008


Since I've been doing this crap at work for a few weeks now, I decided to aggregate my Google Alerts into a service for IT Security Pros and ethusiasts. The result: HINKY LINKS at!

Hopefully this means I won't bore you to death with this security crap anymore.

Any more than I have to. lol

Anyway, it's not as brutal on the eyes as this black background theme (most security wonks use the same theme on BlogSpot - a very curious phenom) and since it's primarily cut-and-paste the upkeep should be simple (famous last words).

But I am good at this, and even though it's not quite as fresh as it could be at the moment, I get content coming into my gmail account constantly. If you were a coworker, Hinky Links is exactly what you'd see at my work blog.

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