Friday, August 14, 2009


I cleared out the "BADUSERS" firewall IP set today. There were over 1000 IP addresses in both tables (2:1 in favor of EXP4), so it seemed like a good place to start over again.

So, watch for the Bad Guys. They're not hard to spot, especially when they start sliding all over the place.

This is the last day of my two week Busman's Holiday. I never got around to doing half the things I wanted to do, but that's what holidays are for.

I did mess around with the files from that time lapse movie I made a few months ago. The hardest part was actually finding the original files (they were stuck on a seldom used Linux VM). The plan was to make a better quality video, and I finally did, but in the end the file was multiple gigabytes in size. Just too large to do anything at all with.

While Pinky and I were out of town at Rinky & Twinky's wedding I had another small video project going on. We hired a Cat Lady to come by the house twice a day to feed the cats and 'keets.

She seemed like a Nice Old Gal but the bitch ripped us off. She came once a day and I have the whole thing on video (three cameras total were running). If that's the worst of what she did, fine (we haven't counted the silverware yet). After discussing it, Pinky & I decided to let it slide and simply not hire her again next time we go globe-trotting.

So it's back to work on Monday.


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