Saturday, September 19, 2009

BOT House 2.6.31 Upgrade COMPLETE

BOT House has been upgraded to kernel 2.6.31 and once again I got it on the first shot. BAM! Nailed it. Plus the new iptables & ipset utils were installed.

BOT House had been up for 215 days, so I was absolutely positive RoadRunner would dish out a new IP but as luck would have it the old one stuck. This was a big surprise considering Linux decided it had to check all the disks on reboot (I hate that - should've gone with JFS instead of EXT3 on that box), delaying the reboot even longer.

Something happened during the switch-over from the old iptables to the new because our old buddy StinkFly snuck in. Once I reset the firewall rules he was back in Ban Land.

It plays well. Hope you enjoy it.

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