Monday, September 14, 2009

Script Haxx

Upgrading to 2.6.31 went so fast Saturday morning I was at a loss for things to do over the weekend. Before shutting down the servers to rebuild the kernel I noticed the scripts were running wild, so after I fixed the other problems with the video and iptables, I attacked the scripts.

All of this crap, Chat-O-Matic, Ban-O-Matic, the Map, and now this Twitter Shit is all built off data that's scraped from the UT Web Admin interface with bash scripts. There has always been one big problem with approach: it's really hard for all those scripts to tell when a game is over.

The main issue is when the last player leaves when a new game starts but before before the server is populated with bots.

This isn't a problem when the last player leaves an active game. A bot will simply take his place and the bots will finish the game off themselves, which is good since another player could jump in.

But the scripts get seriously confused when there are only, say, one or two bots wondering around waiting for players that will never show up. The game has to be reset for everything to work again. This has been a problem for a long time, and I usually ignored it because it usually fixes itself as soon as another game started.


Sometimes you just have to SIGKILL all the games and game sub-processes and start over.

So I put the "Game Over" functionality into Ban-O-Matic. Now, if there's nothing but bots playing for more than two minutes, the game is restarted (future expansion: switch to a random map). B-O-M was a good place for this, since it deals exclusively with real players and ignores bots completely.

Plus, aside from banning bad players, B-O-M has very little else to do.

On top of that, I optimized a ton of other scripts and put together a script monitoring system.

With the new kernel and optimized scripts the place is running better than ever.

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